About us

Tourist Society

The formal definition at TD Boerica is a non-profit association for public benefit. Behind this name is the exciting history of the lodge Warriorthat continues to touch hearts and spur to action.

In Bulgarian - we are an organized group of people who not only practice mountain sports, but also develop organizational activities, develop both ourselves and the environment in which we live and communicate.

What we actually do

We practice all kinds of mountain sports - climbing and mountaineering, cycling, hiking and mountain running, skiing and ski touring, volunteering, training and organizational activities.

We like to get muddy, to be cold, to be wet, to fry on the rocks, all the usual things. In addition, some of us like to question our physical and mental abilities by taking part in tough treks, marathons and alpine climbs.

For reasons unknown, almost all of us like the hard physical work we throw into cleaning, improving and building tourist infrastructure on Vitosha and Lulin mountains.