Lulin Mountain

Lyulin Mountain is an interesting place for tourism. Although small it offers interesting places and tourist attractions that can be toured and explored within a day.

The ridge of the mountain is flat and rises 1100 - 1200 m above sea level, with rounded peaks sticking out above it. The highest peak is Dupevitsa (1255.8 m), located in the southeasternmost part.

Along the ridge of the mountain passes the main watershed of Bulgaria between the drainage basins of the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. Its south-western slopes are drained by small right tributaries of the Struma, and the north-eastern ones by the left tributaries of the Iskar - the Sukhodolska River and others.

There are several wonderful monasteries nestled in the mountains that are easily accessible, and all lovers of fresh air and beautiful nature benefit from the many places suitable for picnics.

When climbing the peak Dupevitsa other opportunities for hiking are also available. In addition to hiking trails, there are also bike paths for those who love this sport.

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